Lo - Manthang Nepal

..............   a land where the soul of the main is still considered to be as real as the feet he walks on; a land to be “barren as a dead deer” but where beauty and happiness abound in spite of hardships. comments by Michel Peissel



Lo-Manthang's culture is deep rooted in the religious sentiments of its people. The township abound with many chhortens, mani-walls and monasteries. Prayer flags flutter above all the houses-conveying mantras to all corners of the world. The Lobas are exclusively Buddhists and conform to the Sakya-pa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Bon prevailed before Buddhism, which was later replaced by Ningma Pa Sect (Dhakar-Kayu subsect) and subsequently by Sakya Pa Sect (Sakyapa, Ngorpa subsects) of Buddhism.
Of the three Gompas in Lo-Manthang, the Jhampa Gompa is the oldest. It was built in 1387 AD during the reign of the famous king Anguin Sangbo and is believed to be a replica of Ghangtse Jhampa Gompa of Tibet , which still exists in Ghangtse, near Khasa .......

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Photos by Hari Gopal Shrestha
Scanned by Achut Pant.